Georgina Magklara is a Greek art & culture, event manager, and businesswoman. In 2020 she founded digital chroma, a berlin-based event and artist management firm. She manages the careers of musicians and visual artists and organizes various cultural events.

As a child, she was trained in dance, music, and art and given an international education. After graduating from high school, she studied classical singing and piano at the National Greek Conservatorium and earned a bachelor’s degree in Music Management at the University of West London. In addition, she holds a master’s degree in Event Management from the Berlin School of Business and Innovation and a master’s degree in Art & Cultural Management from Rome Business School.

Georgina began her professional career by organizing cultural events and working with different organizations. After spending several years in different countries, in 2012, Georgina moved to Berlin, where she has lived ever since.

She was offered a position as marketing manager of one of the country’s well-known health companies, the Body Health Centre. While at BHC, she earned an associate degree in digital marketing and brand manager from Kapodistrian University.
After graduating from Kapodistrian, she was hired as an event & marketing manager in the hospitality sector. She, however, abandoned her job as an event and marketing manager and the corporate sector and turned her passion into a full-time job.

In 2020 she founded the “Digital Chroma”, using her business expertise to assist the artist with worldwide branding and globalization.
In her work, Georgina has developed and strengthened the careers of many artists by developing and using a strategic and collaborative strategy.
She supports culture, education, and women empowerment through the beauty of art.