You are all invited to our group exhibition “Who you are” on the 9th of November 2022 at our art space in Wedding.

In this group exhibition, the artists connect the concept of Identity with art, and as a viewer, you will discover different artists who work with various techniques and see to explain through their work who they are.

Who you are” is our way of binding the concept of “nothingness” and viewers and bringing to the surface the egoless state of being in which we fully realize our small part in the cosmos.
It is our way of connecting artists and viewers and fostering a dialogue between them.

See you all there


  • Ian Kiplimo
  • Kristine Narvida
  • Kseniia Antipina
  • Maria Salouvardou
  • Hollie Upton
  • R.Drada
  • Selina Naouma
  • Dolores Mephistopheles

Duration: 09.11.2022 – 20.11.2022
Opening: 09.11.2022 AT 7PM-10PM
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 3PM-8PM
  Saturday: 2PM-6PM
  (Except Saturday, 12.11.2022 at 6PM Fashion Show)
  Sunday: Closed
Location: Chromart Project Space
  Brüsselerstr. 37
  13353 Berlin
Curator: Georgina Koutifari-Magklara
Curator assistant: Shahryar Khorasani

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