Performing Gender, Performing Selves

In the ever-evolving landscape of human identity, few thinkers have left as indelible a mark as Judith Butler. Her groundbreaking work, mainly the seminal text “Gender Trouble,” has illuminated the complex interplay between societal norms, individual expressions, and the transformative power of performance in the construction of gender. It is within this rich intellectual terrain that “Performing Gender, Performing Selves” unfolds.

About the Exhibition:

Performing Gender, Performing Selves” is a tribute to the thought-provoking and transformative theories of Judith Butler. This art exhibition embarks on a creative journey that explores the multifaceted dimensions of gender, delving deep into Butler’s notion of gender as an ongoing performance.

Butler’s work challenges us to reconsider the traditionally rigid categories that society imposes upon us. It beckons us to question the binary constructs of male and female and the idea of a fixed and predetermined identity. Through the lens of art, this Exhibition invites us to participate in a vibrant dialogue about the fluid, nuanced, and ever-changing nature of gender.

Artists in this Exhibition offer diverse interpretations and perspectives, each a unique facet of the gender prism. From paintings that subvert stereotypes to sculptures that challenge preconceptions, from digital installations that invite self-reflection to performances that explore the limits of identity, these artists echo the essence of Butler’s theory: that gender is not something inherent but rather a continuous, performative act.

In “Performing Gender, Performing Selves” we encourage visitors to immerse themselves in a world where the lines between masculinity and femininity blur, the authenticity of one’s self is celebrated, and the performative aspects of our identities are questioned and embraced. Through art, we hope to dismantle the confines of conventional gender roles and inspire a deeper understanding of the diverse ways individuals express their true selves.

The very act of visiting this Exhibition becomes a performance in itself, an exploration of how we engage with and respond to the multifaceted expressions of gender. We invite you to engage with the artists, to reflect upon your own experiences, and to consider how gender, in all its performative glory, shapes our lives and the world around us.

Performing Gender, Performing Selves” is more than an exhibition; it is a celebration of diversity, an affirmation of authenticity, and an homage to the visionary ideas of Judith Butler. Together, let us break free from societal expectations and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empathy, and understanding.

Join us in this exploration of the performative nature of gender as we honour the legacy of Judith Butler and celebrate the infinite possibilities of the self.

Curator:Georgina Koutifari-Magklara
Location:Chromart Art Gallery
 Brüsselerstr. 37
 13353 Berlin
Opening:13.09.2023, 7 pm-10 pm
Duration:13.09.2023 – 27.09.2023
Opening hours:Monday-Friday, 5 pm – 8 pm
 Saturdays: 2 pm – 4 pm
Program:coming soon

Open Call for Berlin-based artists

Performing Gender, Performing Selves

Art Exhibition Exploring the Theory of Genders by Judith Butler

We are thrilled to announce an open call for artists to participate in a groundbreaking art exhibition that delves into the captivating theory of genders by the influential philosopher Judith Butler. This exhibition aims to provide a platform for artists to explore and interpret Butler’s profound ideas on gender, encouraging dialogue, introspection and creative expression.

Guided by Butler’s revolutionary concepts, this exhibition seeks to challenge societal norms, deconstruct binary constructs, and celebrate the diverse spectrum of gender identities. We invite artists from all backgrounds and disciplines to submit their works, including paintings, sculptures, installations, photography, video art, performance art, and mixed media.

Through this exhibition, we aspire to showcase the richness and complexity of gender as a performative act, constantly in flux and subject to individual interpretations. Artists are encouraged to explore themes such as the fluidity of identity, societal expectations, queer perspectives, and the intersections of gender with race, class, and sexuality.

We encourage artists to think critically, push boundaries, and present their unique artistic perspectives in alignment with the concepts explored in Butler’s groundbreaking texts, particularly “Gender Trouble.”

Selected artists will have the opportunity to showcase their works in our gallery space in Wedding-berlin, providing them with a platform to engage with a diverse audience of art enthusiasts, scholars, and individuals interested in gender studies. This exhibition aims to ignite conversations, inspire new ways of thinking, and foster a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding gender.

There is no fee for submission. However, this is not a grant-funded exhibition. Artists share the cost of presenting the show with a participation fee of 40€ (regardless of the number of artworks they will showcase). The reason for that is that we need your support to continue our projects, and in return, you will be part of the marketing campaign as well, as we will offer an art consulting session.


  • HD photos of 3-5 artefacts of yours
  • Artist Statement (3rd person, max 120 words)
  • Artwork (Title, Size, Medium, Year and Price)
  • Link to social media and/or Website

Your application

We welcome submissions from artists from all disciplines. Email us your work and briefly explain who you are, some details about your work, and why we should be one of our participants.

How to apply

Apply: Send by email (Subject: “Performing gender” exhibition). Submit (attach to the email) 3-5 images by email (jpeg format, up to 5MB each image). Please name each file with the title of each artwork (e.g., “Untitled. JPEG”)


Please use the

Copyright Policies

Artists maintain the perpetual right to their artwork.


The team will review all applications, and the selected work will be announced on the 30th of August on our social media account.


August 28, 2023

We eagerly anticipate your creative responses to the theory of genders by Judith Butler. Join us in pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, challenging social constructs, and celebrating the limitless possibilities within the realm of gender. Together, let us engage in a transformative exploration of gender identities through the power of art.

Authentic Self: An Art Exhibition that Celebrates Self-Expression and Identity

Chromart is proud to present Authentic Self, an art exhibition that explores the theme of self-expression and identity through various mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and video.

The exhibition features work by seventeen artists from around the world, each showcasing their unique interpretations of the theme. “Authentic Self” celebrates individuality and diversity; each artwork provides a unique insight into the artist’s authentic self.

“Authentic Self” is an exhibition that encourages viewers to embrace their authentic selves and celebrate their individuality. Through this exhibition, we hope to inspire a deeper understanding of the importance of self-expression and its role in shaping our sense of identity.

The artworks on display in Authentic Self showcase diverse styles and techniques, each providing a glimpse into the artist’s journey of self-discovery. The exhibition is a celebration of the human spirit and its infinite capacity for self-expression and creativity.

“Authentic Self” is on view at Chromart from May 10, 2023, until May 24, 2023, during gallery hours from 5 pm until 8 pm. The exhibition is free and open to the public, and we invite all art lovers to join us for this celebration of creativity and identity.

Curator: Georgina Koutifari-Magklara
Location: Chromart Project Space
  Brüsselerstr. 37
  13353 Berlin
Opening: May 10, 2023 – 7pm
Duration: 10.05.2023- 24.05.2023
Opening hours: Weekdays: 5 pm to 8 pm
  Saturdays: 3 pm to 6 pm
  Sundays: closed
Performance May 20, 2023, with Whateva *

*Whateva is an interdisciplinary project from Aisling Marnane, Rachel Margetts and Ivana Kekic combining sound, performance and live art. The project was founded at the artists residency Countdown Grabowsee in 2022 where they developed a piece influenced by John Cage and the integration of Zen philosophy into his practice.

Informed by both their former research and new experiments, this piece is a re-imagining of contemporary understandings of Zen and Art from a feminist perspective. A surreal domestic space is built up and broken down through a distortion of mundane sounds, crafting, smoking, scrolling. The live performance itself utilises an absurd jumble of repetition, association and interruption; knitting needles click, a kettle boils, an Instagram reel breaks a sine-wave, an automated voice is painted on a ceramic cup, the audience performs a collective sip of tea. The artists use this setting to hold up a critical lens to the everyday patterns which, informed by tradition, trends and technology, weave their way in and out of art and life.

Sofia Nordmann
Riikka Korpela
Zoe Manta
Chiarra DallaCosta
Natalie Vaskina
Kathrin Eß
Chantal Merfort
Kun Fang
Jana Jacobs
Lara Aithal
Sherry Shayan
Karla Tanguyai
Ljubisa Tesic
Anne Winkler
Ivana Kekic
Ronja Chlebowski

19.04.2023- 03.05.2023

Voices: An Art Exhibition that Explores the Power of Inner Dialogue

Chromart is proud to present Voices, an art exhibition that explores the complexities of the human psyche through various mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, and performance.

Voices” invites viewers to delve into the internal dialogues that shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions and provides a platform for artists to express their unique interpretations of this theme.

The exhibition features work by 18 artists worldwide, each exploring different aspects of inner voices, such as self-doubt, anxiety, self-affirmation, self-expression, and self-discovery. The exhibition celebrates the diversity of human experience, and each artwork provides a unique insight into the artist’s inner world.

Voices is a thought-provoking exhibition that celebrates the power of inner voices and encourages us all to listen to our own inner dialogues with greater compassion and understanding,” said [Insert gallery owner or curator]. “Through this exhibition, we hope to promote empathy and connection among our viewers and inspire a deeper understanding of the human experience.”

Voices” is on view at Chromart Project Space from the 19th of April until the 3rd of May 2023, during gallery hours from 5 pm to 8 pm and on Saturday from 3 pm to 6 pm; on Sundays, the space is closed to the public. The exhibition is free and open to the public, and we invite all art lovers to join us for this celebration of creativity and human expression.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit our Instagram account @chromartgallery

#VoicesExhibition #InnerDialogue #ArtExhibition #HumanExperience #Compassion #Understanding #ContemporaryArt #ArtLovers

Agata Lewandowska-Mista
Uta Kreher
Betty Despoina Athanasiadou
Anja Weingärtner
Elvira Flamm
Polina Gazeeva
Ildikó Sopronfalvi
Sara Matov
Funda Küçük İbar
Braulio Aslan
Bernd Reichert
Hannah Kori
Eiad Oraby
Kristine Narvida
Marina Schulze
Agata Lewandowska-Mista
Sara Campaci
Ziyu Wang


The study of annoyance

Kristine Narvida Solo Exhibition

This study of aggravation is silence that becomes visible. The tension between language and the world where the current demands its possibility and not the possible existence.
This is a passionate look at the present, where the surface of things and the superficiality of people are so genuinely full of meaning and pain. The search for context, the wish to escape, and the inability to do so. The introduction of bright block colour in the work of this series is a conceptual idea to find a path to identify and eliminate the unnecessary.

The relationship between certain parts of the work and its entireness excites her. Kristine shapes my space of solitude, and the work that evolves lives its own life, defiantly independent of me. She likes to wonder how colours happen and to maintain the dimensions in constant tension.

That is instantaneous awareness of fulfilment that can just as instantly disappear. Her search involves clear form-expressed messages in which what is present asks for the truth. The gaze is not a simple movement of eyes; it involves knowledge, experience, and an explanation. She goes through this process and overcomes her, leading to her choice and giving her joy as a creator.

Georgina Koutifari-Magklara
Laudatory Speech:
Raymund Stolze
Chromart Project Space
Brüsselerstr. 37

25.01.2023 – 08.02.2023


“The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow.” – George R.R. Martin

Plato´s allegory “the cave” depicts a group of individuals who have spent their whole life imprisoned against a black wall, chained on the cave´s wall. They named the shadows they see on the wall cast by objects moving in front of a fire behind them. For the inmates, the shadows depict the outside world, although these images are not to scale.

Objects in the shade reflect the incomplete fragment of reality, a delusion of reality that our selves perceive, while those in the light represent the object’s actual shapes, which can be perceived only through logic and understanding.
Shadows symbolize mystery, secrets, uncertainty, and even some evil. The darkness of the shadows obscures our eyesight, and as a result, we can never be quite sure what takes on there.

Those who seek the truth are like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are actually not the direct source of the images seen; they aim to understand and perceive the high level of reality. However, the other inmates of the cave do not even desire to leave their prison, for they know no better life.

This exhibition aims to give another interpretation of the shadows. Shadows do not necessarily mean darkness, secrets or “blindness” but can be our way to the light or even we can find safety in the shadows.

Chromart Project Space
Brüsselerstr. 37
13353 Berlin

Georgina Koutifari-Magklara
Curator assistant:
Shahryar Khorasani

09.11.2022 – 20.11.2022

Who you are

You are all invited to our group exhibition “Who you are” on the 9th of November 2022 at our art space in Wedding.

In this group exhibition, the artists connect the concept of Identity with art, and as a viewer, you will discover different artists who work with various techniques and see to explain through their work who they are.

Who you are” is our way of binding the concept of “nothingness” and viewers and bringing to the surface the egoless state of being in which we fully realize our small part in the cosmos.
It is our way of connecting artists and viewers and fostering a dialogue between them.

See you all there

Ian Kiplimo
Kristine Narvida
Kseniia Antipina
Maria Salouvardou
Hollie Upton
Selina Naouma
Dolores Mephistopheles

Chromart Project Space
Brüsselerstr. 37
13353 Berlin
Georgina Koutifari-Magklara
Curator assistant:
Shahryar Khorasani