OPEN CALL for Berlin-Based Artists: Shadows

“The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow.” – George R.R. Martin 

Plato´s allegory “the cave” depicts a group of individuals who have spent their whole life imprisoned against a black wall, chained on the cave´s wall. They named the shadows they see on the wall cast by objects moving in front of a fire behind them. For the inmates, the shadows depict the outside world, although these images are not to scale.

Objects in the shade reflect the incomplete fragment of reality, a delusion of reality that our selves perceive, while those in the light represent the object’s actual shapes, which can be perceived only through logic and understanding.

Shadows symbolize mystery, secrets, uncertainty, and even some evil. The darkness of the shadows obscures our eyesight, and as a result, we can never be quite sure what takes on there.

Those who seek the truth are like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are actually not the direct source of the images seen; they aim to understand and perceive the high level of reality. However, the other inmates of the cave do not even desire to leave their prison, for they know no better life.

This exhibition aims to give another interpretation of the shadows. Shadows do not necessarily mean darkness, secrets or “blindness” but can be our way to the light or even we can find safety in the shadows.

The theme “Shadows” may be interpreted in various ways, which we encourage. We are now accepting submissions for our “Shadow” exhibition. Artists based in Berlin are encouraged to submit their applications. Regardless of their background, artists are welcome to send us their work.

There is no fee for submission. However, this is not a grant-funded exhibition. Artists share the cost of presenting the show with a participation fee of 40€ (regardless of the number of artworks they will showcase). The reason for that is that we need your support to continue our projects, and in return, you will be part of the marketing campaign as well, as we will offer an art consulting session.


  • HD photos of 3-5 artefacts of yours
  • Artist Statement (3rd person, max 120 words)
  • Artwork (Title, Size, Medium, Year and Price)
  • Project description
  • Link to social media and/or Website

Your application

We welcome submissions from artists from all disciplines. Simply send us an email with your work and briefly explain who you are, some details about your work, and why we should be one of our participants.

How to apply

Apply: Send by email (Subject: “Secrets of the Forest” exhibition)

Submit (attach on the email) 3-5 images by email (jpeg format, up to 5MB each image).

Please name each file with the title of each artwork (e.g., “Untitled. JPEG”)


Please use the

Copyright Policies

Artists maintain perpetual all the right of their artwork and can freely display their creations in any other gallery


The team will review all applications, and the selected work will be announced on the 19th of January.


January 19, 2023