Secrets of the Forest

Have you considered what kind of tales the forest might tell? If only we spoke the same language, the forest would tell us everything about the history of the land, would tell their stories, their experiences, and their secrets.

There are two sides of the forest´s charm. The forest often represents a place of profound mystery and unpredictability, where everything may happen. The energies and spirits that inhabit a forest serve as a gateway between the present and the past.
The forest is not just a magical and mysterious location but also a place where life´s ultimate truths may be revealed.
The “secrets of the forest explore all these secrets a forest might tell and introduce the symbols of life and growth with a spiritual significance.
In this exhibition, you will discover artists who work with different materials and give their own collective impression of the forest.

Workshops & Activities during the exhibition

Saturday, 10 December 2022:Workshop with Elvira Flamm
Wednesday, 14 December 2022:Drawing Session with Shahryar Khorasani
Friday, 16 December 2022:Movie Night
Saturday, 17 December 2022:Video screening & Music by Emile Johnson
Monday, 19 December 2022:Forest-Bathing Meditation with Dagna Gmitrowicz

Curator: Georgina Koutifari-Magklara
Curator assistant: Shahryar Khorasani
Location: Chromart Project Space
  Brüsselerstr. 37
  13353 Berlin
Duration: 07.12.2022 – 21.12.2022
Opening: 07.11.2022 at 7 PM – 10 PM
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday: 3PM-8PM
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