The study of annoyance

Kristine Narvida
Solo Exhibition

This study of aggravation is silence that becomes visible. The tension between language and the world where the current demands its possibility and not the possible existence.
This is a passionate look at the present, where the surface of things and the superficiality of people are so genuinely full of meaning and pain. The search for context, the wish to escape, and the inability to do so. The introduction of bright block colour in the work of this series is a conceptual idea to find a path to identify and eliminate the unnecessary.

The relationship between certain parts of the work and its entireness excites her. Kristine shapes my space of solitude, and the work that evolves lives its own life, defiantly independent of me. She likes to wonder how colours happen and to maintain the dimensions in constant tension.

That is instantaneous awareness of fulfilment that can just as instantly disappear. Her search involves clear form-expressed messages in which what is present asks for the truth. The gaze is not a simple movement of eyes; it involves knowledge, experience, and an explanation. She goes through this process and overcomes her, leading to her choice and giving her joy as a creator.

Curator: Georgina Koutifari-Magklara
Laudatory Speech: Raymund Stolze
Location: Chromart Project Space
  Brüsselerstr. 37
  13353 Berlin
Duration: 11.03.2023-08.04.2023
Opening: 11.03.2023 at 5 PM – 11 PM
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday: 3 PM-8 PM