Virtual Art Exhibitions

Virtual art is a virtual exhibition dedicated to promoting artistic and creative expression.

This project is defined by a need to accurately express art, appeal to several senses, move within the light, the shadows, and the colours, play with the intersections of reality and phantasy, and the boundaries of digital and analogue.

The exhibitions feature a collection of highly valued artworks representing fresh insights, perspectives, and ideas that change our reality.

 The Virtual Art Gallery seeks to provide selected works with significant worldwide exposure for artists to assist them in negotiating and confronting their artworks and their creations in a virtual environment.

ChromArt Magazine

ChromArt is a worldwide destination for art and culture. It started as a need to support promising artists and to share their work.

Our aim is to make art accessible to everyone and to represent the diversity of the art scene.

ChromArt is a monthly digital and printed (by request) art magazine founded by Digital Chroma that invites its reader to discover the undiscovered art around the world.

In each issue, you can find information about emerging artists, their work, interviews, and upcoming exhibitions. The ChromArt magazine would be freely distributed, and you can download it from our website.

Virtual Art Solo Exhibitions

Art is a manifestation of our feelings, impulses, intuitions, and expectations. Still, it is also about expressing our way of seeing the universe, which is an extension of the personality for many.

ChromArt is the ultimate destination for art, a 3D interactive virtual space where artists worldwide can showcase their work. Unlike other galleries, ChromArt Gallery is designed to give its visitors the ultimate experience and the feeling that they wander around a physical gallery.

Artists can use our space to generate awareness and reach a broad audience from all over the globe. Virtual Galleries are not a trend but a necessity for all those who want global recognition.